Hike to the Summit of Ptarmigan Mountain

The Trail Heading up to the Bench

On Monday, Shea and I went on an adventure to Ptarmigan Mountain in Silverthorne. To get to the summit is 12 miles round trip. There is a bench 3 miles in that looks out over the town. I decided when I left the house that I was going to take a leisurely stroll up to the bench with Shea, taking some photos of wildflowers along the way.

I packed my camelbak with about 1.5 liters of water, enough for both of us, 2 clif bars and some trail mix, my camera and a warm layer. So there we went walking up the trail, me taking photos, Shea chasing chipmunks.

We got to the bench and there were 4 or 5 ladies hanging out there with a bunch of dogs, so I thought I’d keep going for awhile and then turn around and come back to the bench. Well, then I looked up on my phone how far the summit was, only another 3 miles but it was going to be steep.

Selfie on the Summit
Selfie on the Summit

I decided to go for it. I put my camera away, checked the clouds and starting picking up my pace a bit. The summit ended up being about 4 miles away but it was totally worth it! Shea and I had the summit to ourselves since it was so late in the day. We took some selfies and I took some cool panoramic shots. It was chilly up there and I was glad I had an extra layer.

Finally I put my camera away and we decided to head down. There was one cloud over the Gore Range that didn’t look so nice, so I decided to run at least to treeline. We got to treeline and I was enjoying the run so, I kept running. Shea and I ran all the way until the last mile. We both got a great workout and a great adventure out of the day!

Snow Patch with Grays and Torrey’s in the Background