Bananas, the Runner’s Superfood.

Running on the Gore Range Trail. Credit to Matt for taking this awesome photo.

In my house bananas are a hot commodity. The first item on grocery list is always bananas. And we never seem to have enough of them. They also disappear from the counter at alarming rates. In a house full of athletes, you can never have enough.

Bananas are one of the best superfoods. You can eat them with almost anything, in oatmeal, in bread, dipped in chocolate, and just plain they are pretty amazing too. So why are bananas so good for you?

First, we all know bananas are great source of potassium. Potassium is an essential ingredient to maintain normal blood pressure and heart function. Being an athlete and eating bananas is especially important. Low potassium is one of the causes of muscle cramps, and eating bananas before and during a race or run can help prevent them.

Banana’s also have great digestive benefits. They are low on the Glycemic Index, and they have lots of fiber. Fiber helps regulate the speed of digestion, which is another great reason to eat them before a run. They are a perfect snack for the morning before a race or run so that your stomach isn’t too full but you aren’t hungry either.

Next time you need a snack before or after a run, grab a banana!

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