East Coast Adventure Part I

Sunrise On Our Way Out of the Mountains in Colorado.

Matt, Shea and I embarked on a 2 week long journey back to our roots on the east coast at the beginning of July. I had never met his family, and my family goes on vacation together for a week on Long Island, Maine every July. I wanted to bring Shea home for a visit so we decided to drive and combine our trips home.

We left at 5am on July 1st from our house in Summit County. We drove straight through all 28 hours to Syracuse where Matt is from, taking turns sleeping in the back of my car. Shea was actually a really good sport for the whole thing, only going out when we stopped at rest stops and eating her meals in the car.


Shea and I Sleeping in the Back of the Car

While we were in New York, Matt’s family, Matt and I, went to Ithaca together to go on a hike and see some waterfalls. We visited Robert H. Treman State Park. Matt’s sister had been there before and she thought we would enjoy it. We started out on the Rim Trail which followed the river up and around to the top of the Lucifer Falls.

View From the Bottom of Lucifer Falls.
View of the Top of Lucifer Falls.

Lucifer Falls is a massive waterfall breaking its way through the slate rock and we got amazing views from below it and above it. We climbed a giant staircase to get up to the top for a great view looking down on the falls. The way down was a bit more brutal because part of the gorge trail was closed for repairs and we had to go down this huge hill, and I think Shea pulled me down almost the whole thing, luckily without falling. I was glad I had my trail running shoes on for that part.

Shea and I on the Stairs.

It was so nice to be in the woods on the east coast again though, its so different from the woods out here. There is a lot more understory and different types of plants and animals. And of course, overall more humid and hot. I always forget how much more hot 75 degrees is when it is humid.

Matt’s Sister and I Hanging Out by the River

It was a great hike with a lot of awesome views, and even though Shea had to be on the leash I think she enjoyed it too (although I don’t think my arms did.) And I got to spend some quality time getting to know Matt’s family and he got to spend time with them too. This was a great start to our awesome vacation, I couldn’t wait to explore more!

Matt Checking Out the Falls

Part two…