In the Moment.

Lake Dillon, Peak One.

Last night I had a dream that I was back at Sea Semester sailing again and loving life. Lately the weather here has turned towards Autumn and when the days get shorter and the excitement of summer is passed, for some reason I am always a little nostalgic. Today I went on a bike ride since I have been seriously neglecting my road bike this summer. Last summer Matt and I rode a few times a week or more, this year we both have been very into running and less into biking.

On my bike ride, I realized again how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. Its funny, my whole life I have lived somewhere that people vacation. I grew up in Maine, aptly named “Vacationland” where everyone from New England and beyond come every summer to the nice white sand beaches. I then moved to Florida to go to school, no explanation necessary, we all know someone who vacations in Florida (Spring Break anyone?). And then I moved here to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I live in ski and snowboard heaven and Lake Dillon is one of the most popular places to boat in Colorado, not to mention all the hiking and biking here too.

Rocks and Waves on Lake Dillon.

So I rode from my house to the community garden in Silverthorne where my garden plots are to do a little weeding and plant some Fall spinach. The lake had white caps and waves because of the wind today, and again I was reminded of Sea Semester, being out in the big waves, no land in sight, baking in the sunshine. I miss those days, and I miss the ocean. I grew up on the ocean my whole life, I lived on my favorite beach in high school, falling asleep to the sound of the waves every night. But I also love Colorado, love the mountains. I am truly lucky for getting to live in the most beautiful of places.

Panoramic View of Lake Dillon from the Bike Path.

As summer comes to an end, I can’t help feeling so ready for the leaves to change and the snow to come. I moved here for the winter and it is definitely true that I stay here for the summers. Its already been snowing a few times here above 10,000 ft, and in less than 2 months Arapahoe Basin will be open for skiing/riding. I need to make sure I get the most out of the rest of summer and fall, because it is a long 6 months before summer arrives again.

I love days like today when I have those moments of clarity, when everything makes sense, and I am so happy to just be here in the present, doing whatever I am doing at this very moment. That is why I moved here, that was my exact motivation, to love every second and enjoy every day, every moment. So here’s to the incoming snow and winter, and never ending adventures.

Panoramic View of Lake Dillon Looking West.