Cecilville Slab Rock Climbing

The Arkansas River Headwaters on Fremont Pass, North of Leadville, CO.

Today Matt and I went to Cecilville Slab on Fremont Pass for some rock climbing. We knew it would rain later so we thought we would just get a couple of routes in, and we did. Matt was still hurting from his run yesterday so he took it easy.

We started out on a 5.8 called Wily Coyote. The first bolt is up there, and you have to do a little bit of careful climbing to get to it. After that its a little bit of an overhang up to some nice slab. There were one or two tricky moves but most of it was super fun!

Then we climbed a 9+ right next to it called Hyena Crack that wasn’t actually a crack but it was a fun slabby route that actually seemed easier then the 8 right next to it.

Our last route before it rained, was one we have climbed before called Zebra Walk (5.8). This is my favorite route at Cecil because there is a lot of variance and you can climb it many different ways.

It was my first time leading at this crag and I felt great today, super strong and my mind was in it. I love days like today when it seems like nothing can stop me or scare me. I wish I spent more time climbing this summer but the time I have spent I have definitely improved. I think I am almost ready to take on my first lead on a 5.10. Maybe next time!

Wiley Coyote (5.8) at Cecilville Slab, Fremont Pass, CO.
Zebra Walk (5.8) at Cecilville Slab, Fremont Pass, CO