Afternoon Run on Soda Creek/Groovy Uvi

This afternoon I ran on my home trail system, the Soda Creek Trails behind Summit Cove. Matt and I have a favorite 4 mile loop that you can run either way. Today I ran Groovy Uvi first then down Soda Creek. Overall I felt great, but on the first mile I was a little dizzy so I was moving slow. But once I got up and over the hill I picked up speed. I’m guessing I was a little dehydrated so I took some big sips of water and then felt great.

IMG_8039 IMG_8041








I am racing this weekend in Vail, in the La Sportiva Evergold 11k. It is going to kick my butt! There is a 1.5 mile 10% grade climb. It’s gonna be tough but very rewarding! So today was just a brief run to get out on my feet. I haven’t run since my race on Saturday since it has been raining so much so it felt great to get out today.