Daily Run then a Little Beta for my Race

Today Matt and my roommate Frank left for Steamboat. Frank is running a 100 mile race called Run, Rabbit Run starting tomorrow. Matt is crewing and pacing for him. Matt and I went on a short run before he left, the same loop that I did yesterday, Groovy Uvi to Soda Creek. I was trying to keep up with Matt on the uphill and ended up with a cramp for the downhill that was not fun. But it was good to get out on my feet.

After Matt and Frank left, I decided to go scope out the race course that I am running on Sunday in Vail. So Shea and I went on a little adventure. I have never hiked Vail in the summer so I had no idea where I was, but luckily the course was marked already. I didn’t start at the Vail Golf Club but I hiked up Berry Picker trail and thats when I saw the signs for the race. So I followed them, its a super steep uphill for a mile and a half, I will definitely be walking and saving my energy for the 4 miles of downhill I will have to endure. I’m hoping to run super fast downhill to make up time. I’m glad I got a good look at the course so I know what to expect. Parts of the downhill are steep too but the trail itself is super gorgeous, lots of little steams and waterfalls. I’m really excited!

After the hill climb, this is where it flattens out
Beautiful views running down the road
One of the many stream crossings.
Cool tunnel I get to run through on the way out and on the way back
Sweet boy scout bridge I also get to run across twice