Lunch run to Lower Boulder Lake, Silverthorne, CO

Lower Boulder Lake

I had a random day off from work on a Tuesday before going back to work for 7 days straight ugh! So I figured I better get a scenic run in while I had more time. I drove north of Silverthorne to Rock Creek Rd, which is a dirt road (high clearance recommended) into the drainage. My xc90 does pretty well, except that one spot at the end where I totally scraped the bottom of my car, whoops!

Anyways, once you make it up to the trailhead of Rock Creek, you follow the trail about 0.5 mile to the junction of Rock Creek Trail and the Gore Range Trail. Take a right on the Gore Range Trail and start ascending through some beautiful yellow and orange aspens! On the way in I kept a good pace, I had Shea on the leash to start out because I was worried about hunters but she has a decent jingle with her collar so I took her off eventually. After a steady climb for the next 1.5 miles there is a weird unmarked junction in the trail where you just go straight but its kind of deceiving, I had to stop and look at my directions to make sure. Then its downhill for a little over a half mile. I enjoyed going downhill, passed some backpackers taking a break. But I knew going back up that hill would be a hike.

Sign at the Junction of Gore Range and Boulder Creek Trails

After the downhill you reach the junction of the Gore Range Trail and The Boulder Creek Trail which leads to Boulder Lake. Then, after only 0.5 mile you reach the lower lake. There were some people camped up there and one guy fishing so I put Shea back on the leash and stopped to take some photos and eat a couple gels for the way back. The clouds looked like they might rain so I didn’t stay long and hit the trail again.

Beautiful Views
Shea taking a rest
Beautiful Colors and Reflection

As I thought, the hill was a b*tch, but I power hiked it and made it up in good time to run down the hill on the other side. I felt great and cruised down the hill, stopping to take some photos of the fall colors and trying to keep Shea from getting distracted. We made it back to the first junction and cool down walked back to the trailhead. I had a great run and felt wonderful! And the fall colors were just an added bonus!

Moving South on the Gore Range Trail
Rock Creek Road