Radical Remission by Kelly Turner, Book Review

41ROAR1fBcL._SS500_This book is such a gem! Kelly is doing what I have dreamed about doing since I was diagnosed. Only she has a PhD so its much more appropriate for her! This book is one of the most inspiring that I have read about cancer. There is nothing like reading true stories about cancer patients who have healed their cancer and are still alive 20 years later to tell you about it. I love that she decided to study and research radical remissions. Doctors have been ignoring it for far too long.


The book has 9 chapters/9 healing factors. In each chapter she discusses a few cases of cancer survivors who used a healing factor (or many) to heal their cancer. The way she shares the stories is always enlightening and she backs up many of the cases with scientific studies that have been done on the healing factor itself. The healing factors are:

  1. Radically Changing Your Diet
  2. Taking Control of Your Health
  3. Following Your Intuition
  4. Using Herbs and Supplements
  5. Releasing Suppressed Emotions
  6. Increasing Positive Emotions
  7. Embracing Social Support
  8. Deepening Your Spiritual Connection
  9. Having Strong Reasons for Living

She found that most of the people she studied were using all or most of these factors. I found the book to be very inspiring, and due to being home alone for 3 days I finished reading it quickly because I just didn’t want to put it down. I recommend this book to anyone who has or is dealing with cancer, whether it be yourself or a loved one.