Dillon Peninsula Run

Overlook with Frisco and Peaks 1 and 2 off in the distance.

Today I ran 4 miles on the Dillon Peninsula. Although it looks like Fall outside, it feels like July. I had to run in my sports bra the last 2 miles because I was so hot. Probably didn’t help that I was wearing a black shirt but its one of my favorite running shirts! I felt really great on my run. Ran up the Meadow Loop Trail on the spur to the Summerwood neighborhood because the loop was closed for maintenance apparently. Then I ran back to the Ridge Trail junction and went up the hill. The heat was rough but its not that big of a hill so I just kept trucking along.

I took a few spurs to the overlooks to take some photos but eventually ran down the ridge trail out to the dirt road and then tried to run as fast as I could to the end of the road. My last mile was at an 8:25 average pace and a few seconds in that mile I was running 6:30-7 minute pace. I felt great when I hit the gate, tapped it and walked back to the car. I beat a few PRs and got my 3rd best mile time. Did I mention that I love running? It’s so great to feel accomplished after a good run!

Buffalo and Red Mountain across the res.

IMG_8118 IMG_8119