Peaks Trail Run

treesToday Matt and I ran Peak Trail from Frisco to Breck and then back to Frisco. At 15.7 miles it was my longest run to date. We started around 11:45am from Frisco. From Frisco to Breck is an uphill climb but its not steep and we moved fairly fast. I only walked a few uphills. There were a ton of water crossings and we borrowed Frank’s steri pen to refill Matt’s water bottles. I felt really great all day. We ate a lot of snacks and I think that really helped me keep moving.

When we got to Breck we sat down and ate some food but before long, got back up and headed towards Frisco. The way back was downhill mostly and we only stopped or slowed down a few times. I felt so amazing today and glad to say I can run almost 16 miles without stopping too much. My legs hurt by the end but I pushed through it back to the car. Today was such an awesome training run! Rest day tomorrow and then back at it until my race 🙂