Soda Creek Loop Run

sodacreekI ran a beautiful loop this morning. Its funny how the home loop can sometimes be so monotonous, but I found out today, that if you run the home loop at a different time of the day its like a whole new trail. I never usually run in the mornings but today I have to work at 1pm so I figured I better get a run in early.

I have this great loop behind my house, its call the Soda Creek Trail and I start and end at my house which is awesome. I start on the Keystone Aquaduct Trail running south to the back ranch of Keystone. This is a very popular bike trail but this morning I only saw one biker and actually he was the only person I saw for 8 miles. Soda Creek Trail connects with a system of awesome mountain biking trails. But if you just run the loop its a great 8 mile run.

I felt amazing running today. My legs were a little stiff to start but once I got warmed up I felt like nothing could stop me. I cruised up and down hills remembering the first time I ran this loop and how miserable I was because I had never ran longer than 5 miles. Now 8 miles feels like a normal day. It was such a beautiful bluebird morning too. I am so glad I went for a run 🙂

PS. The leaves are still beautiful!

IMG_8208 IMG_8210