Quandary Hike

Beautiful day for hiking this beast!

Today I hiked my second 14er in Colorado, Quandary Mountain. One of my good friend’s from college recently moved to Denver and we of course have opposite schedules so we haven’t spent much time together. But randomly I got a Saturday off of work this week so we planned to do a hike. She really wanted to hike a 14er before winter so I figured Quandary would be a good one, especially since I hadn’t hiked it either.

We woke up at 5:45am ate some breakfast, finished packing bags and picked up my coworker Lauren and drove to the trail head. We started hiking around 7:30 and there were a lot of other people hiking too. It ended up being way warmer than we thought, and so we all stashed some clothes behind a log about a mile in.

Group Photo!


Once we hit treeline the views just got better and better, and the hike got steeper. We stopped for a little bit in a windbreak and ate some snacks and then kept moving to the summit. It was slow going at the top once we were approaching 14,000 ft. But we just kept putting one foot in front of the other and eventually we summited! It was so beautiful up there, 360 views. We could see all the way to Aspen in the west, Pikes peak in the East, Mt. Massive, Elbert, Grays and Torreys and a few peaks poking out from RMNP.

Mt. Baldy
Rhemy and Lauren on the way up
Matt and Shea taking a break
Looking west from the summit
Looking southeast from the summit, you can see Pikes Peak way back there.
Looking south from the summit
Looking north to the Gore Range from the summit
Looking east from the summit, Grays and Torreys are the prominent peaks
Geo marker
US Geological Marker for the summit.

It was a lovely day and a beautiful hike down as well. I’m so glad for these amazing fall days before winter sets in. Hopefully we still have a few more days left of nice weather!