Morning Run

IMG_8311After 2 rest days because my calves were sore after hiking Quandary, I was itching to run this morning. The sky is still gray, but it wasn’t raining (or snowing) so it actually was the perfect temperature for running. I did a nice little loop around my neighborhood and it felt great! It’s crazy the difference in my splits and average pace from the beginning of the summer. I am so much stronger and faster than when I started running. I love seeing the progress. I can’t wait for Moab, I really hope I reach my goal of under 2:30. And then it’s on for training through the winter for the Dirty 30 in May. It will be my first Ultra and I am very excited about it even though it is months away. Yay for running! And for snow 🙂

snow! snow2


muddy shoes
It was a little muddy today 😉