Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Sunny meadow – beautiful downhill singletrack!

It’s been really cold and kind of snowy up here in the high country, so today Matt, Frank and I went to Golden Gate Canyon State Park for a run. I have been wanting to run in the park since I decided that I am going to sign up for the Dirty 30 which will be my first baby ultra and it is located in the park. We ran on two different trails, Snowshoe Hare and Mule Deer. It was a lot of fun!

The park was beautiful. My favorite part was running down a singletrack section on the Mule Deer trail through a beautiful meadow. Everything was golden from the grass to the leaves to the sun. It was a little chilly standing still in the wind, but while running it was the perfect temperature. It was really nice to finally get out on a long run after too many rest days this week. I felt great even with over 2000ft of vertical rise.

I loved checking out a new running area, especially scoping this area out for my race next year, and for places to run as the temperature drops in the county. This winter my plan is to try to get down to Golden or Boulder every other week at the very least for some winter trail running. Up here I’ll be on the road and splitboarding or xc skiing. I just need to make sure I stay in shape for a May 30 race!

Matt and Frank on the Mule Deer Trail
View from panorama point.