Long run Monday

Intersection of Colorado and Red Trails

Sorry I have been a little MIA for the past week. My internet is all messed up and not working, and we can’t figure out why. I have still been running though don’t worry! On Monday I had a long run day with just myself and the pup. We left my house and ran up to the aquaduct trail, I thought I was just going to do the usual loop around the back ranch at Keystone, but then I realized it was going to rain soon and I probably should get a longer run in.

Well my longer run turned into 14 miles. The longest distance I’ve ever run by myself. From the back ranch, I took Red Trail up to the Colorado Trail and it was breathtakingly beautiful up there. I felt really removed from society with just Shea and my thoughts. I had beautiful views of Peak 1 and 2 and eventually the whole ten mile range. I stayed on the Colorado trail all the way back down to Horseshoe Gulch Trail which took me back to Soda Creek and the back to the house. I ran fairly fast for a 14 mile loop and was super proud of my new PR on a half marathon of 2:53. I’m getting closer to my goal of 2:30 for the Moab Half! Only a few weeks away now!

Found some snow on the Colorado trail!


Ten Mile Range from Red Trail.