2015 Yeti Chase 10k, Lakewood, Colorado

IMG_9079First race of the year in the books! Every January the place I work sponsors a race called the Yeti Chase in Lakewood, Colorado. Last year I ran the 5k, my first race since middle school track meets. This year I opted for the 10k. I have only run a couple of times since the Moab Half Marathon so I wasn’t sure how fast I was going to run, my plan was for a 10 minute mile pace.

We left our house in Summit County at about 8am. We picked up our coworker Amy and headed down to the front range. It was cold and snowy up here, but once we got over Loveland Pass, the east side of the divide was sunny and getting warmer as we got closer.

We had the yeti suits with us for some volunteers to wear to get photos taken, and parking was all over the place, but luckily we were allowed to sneak into the vendor parking with the yeti suits! We were expecting it to be a little cold, but it was actually beautiful and warm out. We met up with my friend Rhemy who ran in Moab with us, got our packets and did some stretching.

Rhemy, Amy and I Before the Start
Matt and I Selfie Before the Start
Matt and I Selfie Before the Start

The 5k started first, Rhemy and Amy took off in a big crowd together. The 10k started 8 minutes later and Matt and I started out together for about a minute before I slowed my pace down. I started towards the front of the pack and during the first mile, a lot of people passed me. My first mile was at an 8:14 pace, which is just a little too fast for me, especially after not running for 2 months. My 2nd mile was more on par at 9:04 and during this mile there was a little hill, that my altitude training really shined through. At this point I started passing people going up the hill, regained my strength and continued passing people for the rest of the race.

My next 4 miles to the finish I averaged about a 9 minute mile pace and felt amazing. I couldn’t believe how fast I was running with very little training runs before the race. I’m sure running on pavement definitely helped my speed tremendously. At mile 3 I ate some pro bolts which helped me zoom past people.

Almost to the Finish! Photo: Matt Coye

The last .5 miles I knew I was getting close to the end and I ran as hard as I could and passed as many people as I could, especially anyone who looked like they might be in my age group. Matt, Amy and Rhemy were cheering me on and taking photos towards the end and that made me smile and run even faster!

Coming into the Finish Line! Photo: Matt Coye

I finished the race in 56:35 and placed 3rd in my age category! I couldn’t believe how great I felt running and I already can’t wait until the next race!