Rocky Mountain Runners Club

Recently I have been thinking about how nice it would be to run with a group once or twice a week in and around Dillon and Silverthorne. So I talked to Matt and we decided to start a running club in Summit County called The Rocky Mountain Trail Runners. I’m hoping to start out with a once a week run and see how it goes. I posted it all over Facebook and received some interest, so our first run is next Thursday at 5:30pm, unless its snowing too hard and then we will ski up A-basin instead.

I am a little nervous, but mostly just excited to meet new people and share my love for running with others. My hope is that by the summer we will have a lot of people involved and and can do a couple different types of running during the week and also use the opportunity to help others and ourselves find running partners!

So if you live around Summit County, or even if you’re a front ranger who comes up to the mountains, feel free to check the group out and all ability levels are welcome!

Rocky Mountain Trail Runners