39″ at Wolf Creek Ski Area

On Saturday morning Matt asked me if I wanted to go to Wolf Creek to go snowboarding on Monday with our friends Alex and David. I immediately said yes. I have always wanted to go check the ski area out and especially to ride during a storm. Wolf Creek typically gets the most snow in Colorado averaging 430″ each season. I had been waiting since I moved to Colorado for a storm like this falling on the right days that I could head down there.


We left on Sunday evening and until we got to Poncha Pass south of Salida, the roads were okay and visibility was decent. Once we hit the pass the storm really started to show its force. The roads had 4-6 inches covering and it was coming down hard. Alex was driving and there were moments when we could only see a few feet in front of the truck. It was slightly terrifying. It was even worse on the other side of the pass, but at least the road was straight and we finally made it to South Fork.

I booked a room for us at the Allington Inn and we arrived to a barely plowed parking lot full of cars with over a foot of snow on them. We were all so excited for the day to come. We hit the hay early and it felt like we were going to Disney World in the morning!


We woke up early and went to have a quick continental breakfast, and what do you know Joel Gratz from OpenSnow is eating breakfast at the table next to us. You know you’re doing it right when the snow forecaster for all of Colorado is staying and skiing the same place as you. We packed up quick and hopped in the truck early to head up the pass. Driving conditions were not the greatest but we followed a plow and made it in time to get a nice front row parking spot!

Base Area at Wolf Creek.


It was more glorious than I ever could have imagined. They reported 30 inches in the morning and it was untouched with only 10 or so chairs in front of us to start the day. No lift lines all day, just beautiful, bottomless pow turns. We rode hard, barely taking any breaks at all. Every new area we went to was even more exciting and socked in with tons of snow and hardly tracked. It was one of those days that you remember forever! By the end of the day the storm total was 39 inches! And guess what, they’re getting more snow this weekend, might have to head back down there and do it all again!

The boys were jumping off stuff all day! This is in the 4th gate of the waterfall. We lapped this spot twice because it was so much fun!
The boys were jumping off stuff all day! This is in the 4th gate of the waterfall. We lapped this spot twice because it was so much fun!
David launching off a big boulder in the 4th gate of the waterfall
Alex spraying some serious powder in the 4th gate of the waterfall
This one was taken coming down the glory hole bowl. Best runs of the day in this bowl. Bottomless creamy powder! Photo: Matt Coye

I can say with confidence that I will definitely be going to Wolf Creek again soon for another big storm. It was definitely worth it!