Nothing like 40 degree weather in March!

A few days ago I overworked my calf after ramping up my mileage a little too fast and trying to run on slushy post-hole snow. The pain was intense the next day and I thought I might have to give my legs a break for a week. Well, I lasted two days and today was so beautiful that I had to get out there.

Peak One from the Dillon Peninsula

Luckily my legs felt great, I avoided the slushy snow and just ran on the bike path and on a dirt road. I ran 4.7 miles and would have loved to run longer, but now I know better. I really need to ease into my mileage. So for the next 2 weeks my goal is 15 miles a week and then maybe after that I will go for 20.  We’re going to Moab for a couple days next week and I’m sure that will be a long day of running followed by a long day of mountain biking. Woohoo!

I’m so excited that the weather has been nice, and since this winter we didn’t really get a lot of snow, I am sort of over winter and ready for dry trails to run on! But unfortunately they probably won’t be dry until May. The route I ran today though is beautiful and the dirt road was completely dry. It’s probably going to be my go to for a little while.

I can’t wait to finish my runs at the Tiki Bar in Dillon for a beer. Only 2 more months!

Panorama from today of Dillon Resevoir