Mountain Biking Sovereign Trail, Moab (Part two)

(If you missed part 1 – click here)

After our run, we went back to our campsite, made dinner and went to bed early. Unfortunately for us it was spring break for CSU and they were partying hard a few campsites over. But the sun and the run were enough to knock us out and we were in bed around 9pm.

The next morning we woke up early, made breakfast and hit the road to Sovereign Trail. We parked at the north trailhead and planned to ride down an ATV road to the south side of Salt Wash Trail, ride Salt Wash north to one of the links and then ride Sovereign downhill. We had Shea with us again though and wanted to try and keep it short and sweet because the forecast was hotter than the day before.

Matt looking ahead at the beginning of Sovereign Trail

We missed a turn on the ATV trail and decided to just keep moving to the north end of the trails and we would ride Sovereign downhill until the the second to last link and then take an ATV trail back to the car.

The first uphill section  was really hard! We both walked our bikes for most of it. There were huge rocks and tight squeezes with a risky drop of on the letf. I’m not the best mountain biker in the world so I was hoping the whole trail wasn’t going to be this hard. We reached the crest of the hill and the first link. We stayed straight on Sovereign Trail and in less than a half mile we were at the top of the mesa. The view was gorgeous so we took a break to eat and drink some water.

The view from the top of the first climb
Matt on Sovereign Trail

The next section was really fun with some little rock drops and more downhill. We rounded the mesa and saw signs for double black diamonds. The downhill from the mesa was tight switchbacks next to some big rocks and serious drop offs. It would be so awesome to watch someone rip down it though. Matt thought about it but didn’t make it too far before decided that walking was probably a better idea.

Matt attempting a tight switchback
Photo: Matt Coye

At the bottom we hit another link, took another short break and talked to family who was crossing the intersection looking for the road. We stayed on Sovereign and climbed another mesa through more hike-a-bike sections. The final downhill on Sovereign was excellent and ended at the second to last link where we took a right onto the ATV trail.



Photo: Matt Coye
Photo: Matt Coye

We got lost on the ATV trail for a few seconds because we missed a very obvious sign but figured it out quickly and turned around. The ATV trail to the car was sandy as hell but we made it back in the hottest part of the day.

After eating some lunch and taking a short nap, we decided to hike up Poison Spider 4×4 trail and watch the sunset. It was a beautiful place to spend our last night before heading home early the next morning.

View from the top of Poison Spider

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