Running Update

Sorry I have been a little MIA. I have been very focused on training for the Leadville Marathon in two months. While everyone else is still out skiing spring lines, I am out running five days a week. Since we received very little snow this spring, the trails are drying out faster than usual on the south side, but the north side or anything shaded is still snow packed.

I’ve been doing well finding the dry trails, and running on the bike path too. On average I’m running 5 miles a day with my long runs now slowly climbing past 10 miles. I feel great!

The Rocky Mountain Trail Runners club is off to a good start too. We’ve been running every Thursday for over a month now and have a few core members, with others showing up every once in awhile. I’m excited to hopefully gain some more members as the trails dry out more, and the spring skiing lines melt. I’m really just excited to do some mountain running and some awesome long runs.

Today I ran a loop around my neighborhood, half on trails and half on pavement. It was one of those days that before you leave to run, you feel like you’re not going to have a great run, and then you end up feeling great and running really fast. I almost ran my fastest mile and I ran my fastest 2 miles according to Strava. I’m so glad I left work early today to go on a run!