The Northern Oregon Coast, and the Trip Home

sunset2On our way home from Squamish, BC after running my first ultra marathon, we decided to stay west and see the Oregon coast. I have always wanted to put my toes in the Pacific Ocean, and this was my chance!

We left Whistler early in the morning and heading south, back into the US. It was a long car ride through Washington, but eventually we crossed the Astoria – Megler bridge into Oregon. We were tired and fed up with being in the car, so we started looking for a campsite. I had found some free sites online but they were an hour or so away from the coast, so we settled on a not so great RV park but it had free showers so that was a plus.

toes in the pacific
Toes in the Pacific!

We set up the tent and then headed straight for the beach. We were in Gearheart, OR where you are allowed to drive on the beach! The first spot we thought about driving in was very soft sand and a car was stuck being dug out, so we abandoned that plan and drove to another entry to the beach. This one was perfect with a gravel road far out past the softest sand. We went for it but didn’t go too far, just parked and set up the stove to make some dinner.

dinner on the beach
Cooking dinner on the beach

The sunset was beautiful and I finally put my toes in the Pacific Ocean, it was very cold, but so worth it! We ate dinner as the sun set and I took a ton of photos. It was dark before we went back to the campsite, went to bed and then took our showers and hit the road early in the morning.

oregon sunset
Sunset on the Oregon Coast

Oregon was beautiful! We drove through Portland and then due east from the city on the highway. We passed under the Pacific Crest Trail and saw some hikers in a small town called Cascade Locks, where we stopped to get gas. Unfortunately we drove through a lot of smoke and haze but eventually came through Boise, ID and it was clearer.

pct bridge
Bridge of the Gods, Cascade Locks, OR – Pacific Crest Trail River Crossing

Originally we had planned to camp somewhere near Boise but we decided it was worth trying to get closer to Salt Lake City, so we could have a shorter day of driving the next day. We drove through a nasty storm but made it to SLC at 1am. In the morning we realized how close we were to home and decided to just get home and sleep in our own bed.

Shea giving us the butt treatment for still being in car!
Shea giving us the butt treatment for still being in car!

The trip was amazing. I had never seen the northwest, and am so happy that I got an opportunity to see so much of it in a two week period. I already can’t wait to go back.