Winter Adventures and Plans for 2016

HaIMG_2010ppy 2016! I apologize for being MIA for awhile. I stopped running early this year because I had a hip injury and I spent some time being very boring. I did run the Moab Half Marathon again, but my hip hurt and I felt awful so I chose not to write about it, knowing that I couldn’t do so with a positive attitude.


Good news is that my hip feels better and I have been out ski touring quite a few times. We have been blessed with a snowy early season this year so I have been able to get out for some nice powder days.

In 2015 I ran a total of 500 miles. For 2016 I would like to double that mileage, without getting injured this time! Today I am going on my first run of 2016. I already have some goal races in mind this year which all happen to be ultra distances. I plan to run the Golden Gate Dirty 30 in early June and the Silver Rush 50 in July. Then I will be training for a fast packing trip over Nolan’s 14 with my friend Amy. I certainly do not plan to finish it in 60 hours, the plan is to try to finish it in 7 days. I am also hoping to find someone to pace for at the Leadville 100 this year, to get a taste of what that race is really like.

For the next few months I will be out xc skiing, ski touring and snowboarding until the weather starts to turn and then it will be serious run time! The trails in Summit County do not typically clear up until May/June so I am planning to travel to some lower elevation areas for training. Just thinking about all of this training is making me want to get off my computer and get outside, so I’ll leave you with some pictures from my adventures so far this winter.

First XC ski of the winter in Summit Cove.
Went home to Maine for a visit. My favorite Higgins Beach in Scarborough, ME
Mt. Washington, NH
My mom with my baby cousin Iah in Vermont.
Groovy Uvi Trail!
Some new and old friends at the basin!


Alex at Coon Hill



Chase, Alex and I at Dry Gulch


Alex and Matt at Trelease on different days, but lots of pow!
XC skiing with friends on Christmas!
View of Keystone and Breck from the ridge at the Hippy Trees.