Early Winter Hike on Meadowcreek Trail

This world is but a canvas to our imagination. – Henry David Thoreau

meadowcreek - trailYou know that feeling? That feeling when you are all alone in the woods with your thoughts, finally away from all of the noise? You start thinking about how quiet it is. Then you hear a twig break over to the right and suddenly your mind starts racing, “is there a bear over there? A mountain lion? A stranger?” You keep walking and then your mind drifts away again back into your random thoughts.

For some reason when ever I am out on a trail alone my mind races like this, in and out of am I safe to oh what a pretty tree, etc. It’s kind of funny actually and sometimes I have to laugh at myself to remember that I’m safer out in the woods alone then I am walking down the street.

Meadowcreek Trail in the summertime is packed with tourists. It’s a relatively easy hike up to a beautiful clearing behind Buffalo Mountain. Today, once I passed the split for Lily Pad Lake trail it was just Shea and I walking through a few inches of snow with more animal tracks then I could count.

meadowcreek - trail junction

Sunday’s are my day to relax. Matt is working and I’m usually running errands and trying to get out for at least a short adventure. It was beautiful out today, felt like 50 degrees in the sun. I started late because I wanted to sleep in a bit after working a double on Saturday night. I arrived at the Meadowcreek trail-head in Frisco at about 11:45am.

meadowcreek - trail sun

I had on a pair of Yak Trax although I probably didn’t really need them they were nice to have in a few spots. Except that for over half of the slippery spots I only had one of them. Somehow, without noticing, only about a 1/4 mile from the Lily Pad Lakes junction I lost one. And somehow I didn’t notice it for another mile or so after that. Oops!

meadowcreek - lost yak trax

I kept trudging though as far as I could before the snow got too deep and I kept losing track of the trail with no footprints to follow. I turned around after about 2.5 miles and made my way back down the trail, searching for my Yak Trax along the way.

meadowcreek - view from the top
View From Where I Turned Around

It was a beautiful day in the woods with my dog and although always a bit nervous about imaginary mountain lions, I was also relaxed and enjoyed the solitude. It’s so nice to get away for a couple of hours, away from the noise of life, into the quiet scenery that is my home.

meadow creek - home
Summit County, My Home 🙂