Hike the PCT?

zion amy and i
Amy and I in the Narrows, Zion NP

This past summer my best hiking buddy asked me if I wanted to hike the PCT with her and a friend. At the time I thought there is no way that I can do that with all of my debt and how would I pay rent, who would watch the dog, etc?

Fast forward to this week. I’ve been working my butt off, just paid off one of credit cards and am beyond over working a desk job too many hours per week. (Yes I know I just wrote a post about working hard and playing harder). Lately I have been thinking about how I moved to Colorado to find an environmental job, somewhere I could work outside and enjoy the sunshine.

I realized that my best hiking buddy is hiking the PCT in 2019, Matt is not interested in a long distance hike and there really is no “perfect time” to go on a 2600 mile hike. So I texted her a few nights ago and said “I’m in!”.

I am an obsessive planner, I literally find so much joy in planning things, so of course the first thing I did was make a spreadsheet to plan mileage and resupply points. Then I started thinking about gear, money and food. I started a spreadsheet for all of these things as well. I’m serious, it’s an obsession.

Here we are again on the first section of the CT last summer.

I also started thinking about how I will have next summer to serious train and test gear. I decided that I will work at the Rec Center until my last credit card is paid off (hopefully in April) and then I will quit and plan backpacking trips, as many as I can while still working full time and saving money.

Another thought came into my mind that my mom is retiring next year and wants to go explore the west. I’m hoping that maybe she will want to crew us for awhile so we can hike ultra light even if only for a few weeks.

Needless to say, I am super excited and the planning/training begins now! So get ready to hear more about this adventure as I continue obsessing over it.