5 Reasons to Go on an Adventure Early in the Morning

This morning I woke up at 5am (okay 5:15, I hit snooze once) and skinned uphill at Arapahoe Basin. I’m teaching myself how to ski and I had a really great day on Friday so I wanted to make sure I got out again before I go to Maine on Thursday, but unfortunately I’m working every day until then.


An early morning skin before work was the only answer I could come up with in my limited schedule. About halfway up the first hill I started thinking about why getting up early for a skin is something that I am willing to do when the rest of my friends are still sleeping, here is what I came up with…

1. You’ll avoid the crowds

If you live in or are visiting a popular place chances are that between 8-10 is when the crowds come out in full force. If you’ve ever been to a national park in the summer time or a ski resort on the weekend you know that I am talking about. It’s absolutely crazy and can make your day more frustrating waiting in line or not able to get the photo you want because there are too many people. Getting out early, I’m talking like 6am at the latest, usually will help you to avoid these crowds of people.

2. You’ll feel awesome for the rest of the day

Have you ever not had an awesome day after a dawn patrol mission? Getting outside and being active early in the morning releases those happy chemicals in your brain. Plus you have accomplished something before most people are even out of bed. When you get to work at 9am after skiing powder all morning I promise you’ll be smiling ear to ear while everyone else is bummed because they’re working on a pow day.  


3. You’ll get your workout done and can relax the rest of the day

When I get home from work at night, the last thing I usually feel like doing is working out. I drag my butt over to the yoga mat, do a 10-20 minute work out and call it good. When you start your day with a brisk hike or a backcountry ski you are energized from your night of sleep and ready to tackle the challenge. Then when you get home from work later you can park it on the couch and watch Netflix because you’re workout is done!

4. You’ll sleep better

If you’re at all like me you might not sleep very well unless you’ve been active during the day. On days when you sleep in until 8am – you are less likely to fall asleep before 10pm. When you get up at 5am, work your butt off and then work all day, I promise you’ll be in bed by 9pm sharp, and sound asleep by 9:07pm.


5. You get to watch the sunrise

My favorite part about getting up early to get out? When I turn my headlamp off just before sunrise and enjoy the colors of the morning sky. It’s the cherry on top that makes the whole rest of the morning worth every moment. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful sunrises by making sure to be up above treeline before it happens. 


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4 Replies to “5 Reasons to Go on an Adventure Early in the Morning”

  1. Wow, amazing blog format! How long have you ever been running a blog for? you make running a blog look easy. The full look of your website is fantastic, as well as the content material!

    1. Thank you! I started this blog under another name in 2015. Then I took a hiatus from it for a couple of years and recently came back to it and changed the name to adventurethewest. I’m glad that you like it! I hope it inspires you to travel and go on adventures!

  2. I’ve never done an early morning hike, but this sounds awesome! In Alaska our winter sunrise is after 10 am, so if I want to watch the sun rise on a hike I can sleep in and still make it out there. In the summer the sun rises at 3 am so I never make it out there before sunrise! I’m more likely to do a sunset hike than anything (4:30 in the winter, midnight in the summer) and I love how beautiful everything is during twilight.

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