Funky Bow Brewing, A Maine Must-Visit

Funky Bow Brewing is like a fun high school party with much better beer. Being a lover of IPAs, I had the “So Folking Hoppy” and it was delicious!

The Brewery is located in Lyman, Maine in a totally inconspicuous location. When you drive into the driveway it immediately feels like you’re going to a party that only the locals know about. Lyman is a few miles west of Biddeford and there is not much there except for farms and houses.

The band playing the night I was there was called Montgomery Road. They played classic covers like The Doors, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. The crowd was a mix of late 20s to late 50s and everybody took turns dancing in front of the little stage.


Funky Bow’s beers are made on site and titles are entwined with music on all levels. Their main beers are the So Folking Hoppy IPA, Midnight Special Coffee Porter, G String Pale Ale, Jam Session IPA, and Panama Red Ale. You can find their beers in 450 locations mostly around New England.

Now it’s winter in Maine which is not typically very warm. When it was first suggested that we were going to a greenhouse to watch a band and drink beer I figured it would be a little chilly. It’s not. With two wood fired pizza ovens in the back of the green house and one heater up by the stage it is nice and toasty inside.

We ordered a veggie pizza and they gave us a ticket with a number on it while we went back to dance and wait for them to cook it. When we came back up it was ready and a very nice pairing to go with the beer and dancing and super delicious!


In the summertime Funky Bow Brewing does weddings and events, and they have a stage outside. They set up a big tent for events and they have plenty of parking on site.

Right now for the winter they have the tap room open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only and you’re welcome to bring a Growler and fill it up on those nights as well. They always have a band playing and it’s a rock and rolling great time!

If you’re looking for a local Maineah’s version of a good time and don’t mind driving out to the sticks, I highly recommend visiting Funky Bow Brewing in Lyman, Maine. And if you can line it up with when Montgomery Road is playing, I promise you won’t have a bad time!

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