7 Ways to Find More Time to Get Outside

Do you work 40 hours or more a week? Do you often say things like “I would do it if I just had more time?” I feel ya! Really I do. Right now I work 50+ hours a week between two jobs. In this post I am going to tell you how to make time to get outside more often.

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1. Get Up Earlier

I recently read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and it has changed my life. Getting up earlier in the morning to get out for a hike/run/bike etc. is a great way to get some fresh air into your life everyday.

2. Stack Your Days Off Together

Depending on what you do for work this may or may not be an option for you. Luckily I have a flexible schedule so sometimes I will stack my days off so I can put 4 in a row Friday through Monday and take 4 days off while still working 40 hour weeks. If this is possible for you I highly recommend it!

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3. Use Your PTO

I have coworkers who maybe go on one vacation a year and have hours upon hours of PTO in their bank just sitting there never to be used. If you are lucky enough to receive paid time off at work USE IT!!! Plan fun trips, take an extra day with your weekend. Get out there and enjoy!

4. Find Adventures in Your Own Backyard

No matter where you live you should be able to find places close to home to adventure to. Find a new place to watch the sunset, hike a trail you’ve never been on before, take a different route home from work. Bring your camera and enjoy the scenery!

5. Get Paid to Travel

Does your company ever go to conferences in other states? Ask if you can go and learn something new? Hopefully they will pay for your airfare and hotel but even if they don’t it’s still a good excuse to go somewhere new and learn!

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6. One Big Trip

I always try to plan at least one big week long or longer trip per year. Usually I squeeze in more than one but if you have a very demanding job or you don’t get PTO, make sure you still plan one epic trip each year because you might go crazy if you don’t!

7. Join a Meetup

There are lot’s of groups that meet for hikes, bikes, runs, etc. You can find them on Facebook or at a local gym. If you’re looking for partners these are usually great places to meet people who like to do what you do and who knows maybe you’ll find a new friend too!

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It’s tough to make time when you’re busy, and sometimes it feels like you’re always working. But it’s important to make time for yourself and for the things that you love to do. I hope these tips will help you find the time to get out there and adventure!

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