2018 Goal: The Colorado Trail

I have always been a hiker. When I was young my mom used to take us to New Hampshire for scenic drives and we would get out and hike all the popular tourist spots. When we went up to our family camp in the middle of nowhere Maine we would hike the 4×4 roads as a family. I’m not sure I realized how much I loved these adventures until I got older and spent less time with my family.

me and alli
My Sister and I at our Camp in Strong, Maine

When I was in high school and summer’s home from college I would go with my friends to the White Mountains and hike, or to Mt. Katahdin or Tumbledown Mountain. I have always loved how simple hiking is. One foot in front of the other. I went to college in Florida and studied Environmental Studies because I loved being outside. Once I realized that I missed the mountains for those four years I knew I needed to go explore somewhere that had the biggest mountains I had ever seen, Colorado.

Colorado Trail

I moved to Colorado in December 2012 just after graduating college. The year before I was forced to take a year off from school because of a cancer diagnosis. Dealing with cancer changed my life in more ways than one. Staring down the barrel of the gun, taught me that you only have one life, and it is very short. I knew after that experience that I had to start living the way I dreamed of and less of just floating through.

So I packed up everything I owned into my old Volvo station wagon and hit the road.


Once I began exploring the mountains in the summer of 2013 I was hooked. This is my place, my home, my territory. I met Matt and he was just as enthralled in the mountains as I was. I knew he was my person from the first time that I met him. It’s crazy to think that we are getting married this year! Five years ago today was the first time that we met.

Colorado Trail Hiking

I was always interested in the Appalachian Trail growing up and had hiked short sections of it in New Hampshire and Maine. Soon after moving here I found out about the Colorado Trail. The Colorado Trail is a 486 mile trail from Denver to Durango. It traverses over eight mountain ranges, five river systems and six national forests/wilderness areas.

The past few years I have sunk back into life getting in the way of my adventures. But I’m done with that now, I want my life to be about adventuring again. I want to go to new places and explore. Hike mountains, kayak lakes, rock climb cliffs. Anything and everything I love and I desire.

Colorado Trail Segment 1 Waterton Canyon

So I made a goal, a real goal, an important goal. I will hike the Colorado Trail this summer in segments. Starting in May, ending in September. This is the goal that will lead me to everything else that I want in life. If I can accomplish this with the schedule I have and while trying to pay off massive debt, than I will be unstoppable. I can’t wait to get started!


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  1. I love this goal! I bet that trail is beautiful. We were in Colorado last year and did some hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and loved it. I would love to go back and hike more places around Colorado! Good luck with your hike and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  2. Love finding fellow Colorado adventurers! I love hiking, too, but I’ve never thought about conquering the Colorado Trail. Give you so much credit for doing this. Good luck and can’t wait to read all about it.

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