How to Adventure in Your Own Backyard

There is a small open meadow that I can see from my house. I stare at it all the time, I see tracks on it, but I have never ventured out to check it out in the winter time. Today was the day. Matt and I were both feeling lazy and couldn’t decide where to go. After looking in the binoculars for entirely too long at this meadow, we decided to go for it.


Now I might be biased because of where I live and where I grew up, however I am a firm believer in the fact that their are plenty of adventures to be had in your own back yard. When I was kid we lived on a back road and we had about an acre and a half property surrounded by woods. I knew those woods like the back of my hand as a kid. I would play in the pond, or the stream, or go sledding on the hill and try not to hit the house at the bottom. I’d catch butterflies, lightning bugs and salamanders. Playing outside in my yard was always an adventure.

In college we had this natural area on campus called the Palm Hammock. I would go for walks in the Palm Hammock in the afternoon and take pictures of  all of the crazy Florida creatures that I found.

Now that I am an adult (I guess if I have to be), I still love the feeling of walking out my door and within a few minutes I can be in the woods, adventuring around. If I wanted to I could follow a trail from my house to the Continental Divide Trail and walk to Mexico. It’s part of what allured me to Colorado was the easy access to the wild lands.

Here are my two easy tips for finding the wilderness in your backyard, even if you live in the suburbs…

Locate the Closest Trail

This could be a nature preserve down the street, a park, the powerlines, etc. Now just start walking and enjoy the sights and sounds. The urban jungle can be an adventure too if you just find that little bit of green space.

Have Fun With It

Don’t stress that it’s not really “wilderness” it’s just a park. Find something fun to explore about it. Can you climb a tree, throw rocks in a creek, have a picnic. Whatever you like to do when you’re out on the trail do it here. Who cares if you look silly?

I promise you can adventure anywhere, as long as you are open minded. If you’re truly in the city with no green space around, find the nearest aquarium, zoo, museum, etc and adventure indoors! You’ll still probably learn something cool and sort of feel like you are outdoors.


What is your favorite backyard adventure? Leave me a comment below and let me know…

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