5 Places You Don’t Want to Miss in Death Valley National Park

Mosaic Canyon

Matt and I spent a few days in Death Valley recently and had a fun adventure filled with dust storms, sand dunes and a little canyoneering. We lucked out and visited during the spring time when it wasn’t scorching hot everyday. Don’t get me wrong it was still hotter than hell but in the mid 90s instead of over 100. We camped at Furnace Creek which was perfect for its central location in the park.

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How I Paid Off $5k in Debt in Just 4 Months

If you’re reading this you probably have some debt that you want to get rid of, and maybe you feel like you just can’t get ahead with it. Trust me, I know the feeling. When I moved here to Colorado just over five years ago, I had just graduated college with about $40k in student loan debt. My rent was pretty much my entire paycheck and I used my credit card to buy groceries, gas, new snowboards, gear, etc.

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How to Adventure in Your Own Backyard

There is a small open meadow that I can see from my house. I stare at it all the time, I see tracks on it, but I have never ventured out to check it out in the winter time. Today was the day. Matt and I were both feeling lazy and couldn’t decide where to go. After looking in the binoculars for entirely too long at this meadow, we decided to go for it.

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