Funky Bow Brewing, A Maine Must-Visit

Funky Bow Brewing is like a fun high school party with much better beer. Being a lover of IPAs, I had the “So Folking Hoppy” and it was delicious!

The Brewery is located in Lyman, Maine in a totally inconspicuous location. When you drive into the driveway it immediately feels like you’re going to a party that only the locals know about. Lyman is a few miles west of Biddeford and there is not much there except for farms and houses.

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Are You Up for the Challenge?

IMG_9910For my entire life I have been someone who enjoys challenging myself. It started when I was young always trying to be more like the boys. Always trying to prove myself because I was tiny and I knew it. I always wanted to be better at sports, smarter in school, a better best friend. I was always striving to do my best even if I wasn’t the best at whatever I was doing.

I’m not sure that I realized this behavior when I was young but in the past few years I have definitely come to realize this about myself. When I moved to Colorado my goal was to get better at snowboarding. When I met Matt I was determined to become the best girlfriend. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not “the best” at anything that I do. The boys have always outdone me in sports, there are always smarter people than me who think of something first. But I like to think that I try hard to be the best in my own head.

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