Funky Bow Brewing, A Maine Must-Visit

Funky Bow Brewing is like a fun high school party with much better beer. Being a lover of IPAs, I had the “So Folking Hoppy” and it was delicious!

The Brewery is located in Lyman, Maine in a totally inconspicuous location. When you drive into the driveway it immediately feels like you’re going to a party that only the locals know about. Lyman is a few miles west of Biddeford and there is not much there except for farms and houses.

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This. This is my inspiration. These stories. I long for the adventure, the camaraderie, the dependence on only yourself and your friends. I want to get away from civilization, learn to live with the land. Have one simple task to do every day, walk.



Hike the PCT?

zion amy and i
Amy and I in the Narrows, Zion NP

This past summer my best hiking buddy asked me if I wanted to hike the PCT with her and a friend. At the time I thought there is no way that I can do that with all of my debt and how would I pay rent, who would watch the dog, etc?

Fast forward to this week. I’ve been working my butt off, just paid off one of credit cards and am beyond over working a desk job too many hours per week. (Yes I know I just wrote a post about working hard and playing harder). Lately I have been thinking about how I moved to Colorado to find an environmental job, somewhere I could work outside and enjoy the sunshine.

I realized that my best hiking buddy is hiking the PCT in 2019, Matt is not interested in a long distance hike and there really is no “perfect time” to go on a 2600 mile hike. So I texted her a few nights ago and said “I’m in!”.

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