5 Reasons Why You Should Try Something New

This week I went to an aerial yoga class at my local gym. I like yoga, I mostly just do it in my living room at home. I’m not very flexible and I’ve never tried Aerial Yoga before this. But it sounded interesting so I gave it a shot. It was really fun! I enjoyed the challenge of the poses and it gave me a new perspective on yoga.

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Santa Delivered Some Much Needed Powder Skiing

What an amazing feeling to wake up to on Christmas. I went to bed with 4 or 5 inches from Saturdays storm and woke up to 2 feet on Christmas morning. Santa really delivered this year.

xmas morning snow

Every year on Christmas we get together with some friends and go cross country skiing. For the past few years we have gone to Mesa Cortina in Silverthorne, but with the lack of snow before Christmas we thought it would be best to go up to the town of Montezuma where there is always more snow. This year I think we could have gone literally anywhere in the county and had plenty of snow. But we headed up to Montezuma anyways.

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