Funky Bow Brewing, A Maine Must-Visit

Funky Bow Brewing is like a fun high school party with much better beer. Being a lover of IPAs, I had the “So Folking Hoppy” and it was delicious!

The Brewery is located in Lyman, Maine in a totally inconspicuous location. When you drive into the driveway it immediately feels like you’re going to a party that only the locals know about. Lyman is a few miles west of Biddeford and there is not much there except for farms and houses.

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East Coast Adventures Part II

Part one.

East End Beach, Long Island, Maine.

We spent 4 days in Syracuse before heading up to Maine on the 6th of July. We took the scenic route instead of the highway, and got a little lost (adventured in the wrong direction). But we drove through the Western side of Massachusetts and up through New Hampshire into Maine.

We arrived at my grandmother’s house in Falmouth. It was the last time that I probably will see it since it is for sale now. I got to see my old kitty, Jiggy and we had to keep Shea away from him because it definitely would have ended badly if they met. We packed up our backpacks and my best friend Hana came and picked us up and brought us to the ferry in Portland.

The ferry ride to Long Island, Maine is about 45 minutes long, and is breathtakingly beautiful. I have always felt this way about it, but even more now that I never see the ocean. My family has been going out to this island every July since before I was born. I haven’t missed a year yet, and I never plan to.

Casco Bay Lines Ferry Ride to Long Island.

We arrived at the Island and it was such a welcome site. It always feels like home, and I get to hang out with my aunt and my cousins and just relax and lay in the sun. Hana and her baby came out for a couple days to hang out too and I loved getting to spend some time with her because I miss her dearly and her baby is the cutest baby in the whole world!

My goal for the few days we were there was to get Shea to go swimming in the ocean. And after a few tries I succeeded! the best way to get her in the water was to go in myself, so I floated on a tube and pushed myself out and she followed. Throwing a stick into the water worked great too. It was so fun having her out there with us.

Enticing Shea Into the Water
Shea Posing on the Beach.

We had beautiful weather the whole time we were there, and I got to spend quality time with my family and friends, with a nice bit of ocean time in there too! By the time we were leaving I was ready and we took the ferry in to Portland and walked around the Old Port with Hana for an hour or so and then headed towards New Hampshire for the third part of our journey.

Sunset on the Ferry.